Where are inclusionary housing programs located across the country? What are the characteristics and impact of these programs? And what is the state legal context regarding adoption of local inclusionary housing programs? The Inclusionary Housing Database Map is the only place where you can:

  • Learn more about the distribution of inclusionary housing programs
  • Identify features and trends in inclusionary housing programs
  • Find other programs just like yours
  • Identify states that are in favor of inclusionary housing programs
  • Access datasets on inclusionary housing programs

The Inclusionary Housing Database Map includes two surveys: 1) a national census of local inclusionary housing programs that was conducted in 2016 by Grounded Solutions Network and was updated thereafter, and 2) a national survey of state-level legislation and judicial decisions that are related to the adoption of local inclusionary housing programs.

The two surveys represent efforts to compile complete national data on Inclusionary Housing programs at two specific points in time. However, it is possible that the surveys missed programs, particularly small programs or voluntary programs that go by another name, such as “density bonus policy.”  Furthermore, policies are updated or newly enacted frequently.  We rely on users to keep the map data fresh and accurate. Use this form to ask questions or to suggest adding/updating an inclusionary housing program.

Read a glossary of the Inclusionary Housing Database Map.