is a project of Grounded Solutions Network.

Grounded Solutions Network provides consulting services for jurisdictions interested in exploring, adopting, or updating inclusionary housing policies and programs. The services we offer include:

  • Best Practices and Case Studies
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Incentive Zoning, Cost-Offsetting, and Voluntary Policies
  • Market-Sensitive Policy Design
  • Racially-Equitable Policy and Program Design
  • Administrative Procedures Manuals
  • Program Assessments
  • Affordable Homeownership Pricing and Resale Formula Design or Review
  • Legal Instrument Customization or Review
  • Monitoring, Compliance, and Stewardship

Past clients for our inclusionary housing consulting engagements include Detroit, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Seattle, Atlanta, Detroit, and the Twin Cities region.